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What is Orange?

orange_weekToday, I realized that I have been writing about the “Orange philosophy” for about two years, but I don’t remember if I have ever taken the time to explain it. So, here is a fairly brief explanation and a video.

Orange is a philosophy of ministry based on bringing the church and the family together, in order to promote the same thing at the same time for the same goal. That goal is to help children grow up to know, love, and serve Jesus all the days of their lives. So often, though, churches and families are not on the same page. In fact, parents often see the church as the place to drop their kids off, go do their own thing, and come back to holy children. However, that is not how it should be, and it often does not work that way.

The reThink Group has coined the “Orange” concept from the “Red” (heart of the family) and the “Yellow” (light of the church) partnering together. It is about the church providing resources and training to parents, helping them take the lead as the spiritual leaders in their homes. Sure, we still have times for kids, students, and adults to learn on their own, but we are always pushing a partnership. Orange provides some curriculum to help pull this off, which is not necessary, but it does help. It is really all about a mindset. Are we going to continue separating the church and family? Are we going to keep “silo-ing” our ministries? Or are we going to bring it all together and focus on the same thing, partnering together?

For those who need a visual, here’s a video from Orange, themselves.

For others who want to learn more, be sure to check out The Orange Tour or The Orange Conference!


This week is “Orange Week” again, and while I won’t be posting something new every day (as I have in the past), I did want to point you to all the others who are writing about Orange all week. Be sure to check out their stuff!

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Giveaway – “Leading Change Without Losing It”

Leading Change Without Losing It 3D shotChange is often very difficult. Even a good and healthy change can cause stress. Leaders, though, need to lead others through change. Carey Nieuwhof (pastor of Connexus Community Church near Toronto) has just released a new book addressing this very issue. His 15 years of ministry at small rural churches and a new church-plant have shown him a large amount of change. Leading Change Without Losing It examines five strategies for leading change.
  1. Determine who is for (or against) the change and why.
  2. Decide where to focus your attention.
  3. Develop the questions that will set your course.
  4. Learn to attack problems instead of people.
  5. Persevere until the critical breakthrough.

This is a great book, and I have  2 COPIES (iBooks version) to give away for FREE! Yep, you heard me correctly. All you have to do is comment on this post. On Friday, December 14, at 5:00 pm Eastern Time, I will choose two winners at random. That’s all!

Don’t forget to spread the word, as well. In fact, if you want to double your chances of winning, share this post on Twitter with the hashtag #freechangebook. Just be sure to link your post to your Twitter account, so I know it is you.

More about Leading Change Without Losing It:

Even if you do not win a free copy, be sure to buy one. You will not be disappointed! Change is one of those things that needs to happen within the church, and as a leader, you need to be prepared to lead others through it.

No Orange Conference 2012 for Me

Hey, everyone. First of all, I apologize for the lack of posts lately. Life and ministry have been incredibly busy. Also, I wanted to let you all know to not expect any Orange Conference posts from me this week. Normally, my blog would be overrun with all the summaries, photos, and videos I take at the conference, but I was not able to go this year due to budget cuts at the church. I am sorry for anyone who was expecting to live vicariously through me at the Orange Conference 2012. However, here is a list of other bloggers who will be there this year, writing and sharing. Please check them out, as I know they will be great!! I plan on reading them myself!

Hopefully, with God’s help, I will be there next year blogging for you all again!

The Orange Tour Online Returns on March 6, 2012

Have you been interested in the Orange Conference? Have you not had the chance to attend an Orange Tour? Do you wish they had another option for those who cannot make either of those options? Well, you in luck!

Be sure to check out the Orange Tour Online on March 6, 2012, from 1:00-3:45pm. Expect an event filled with Reggie Joiner speaking about The 5 Essentials, The Big Idea, and The Core Insights. There will also be some life Q&A sessions. I attended the last one, and it was a great time… AND FREE!!

Check it out at

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Come to the Orange Conference with Your Team!

As we round out this “Orange Week,” I wanted to share more of my experiences. Between the two years of OC, I have went with a team, and I have gone as the only one from my church. Both were great experiences in their own right, and I could argue both sides. Today, though, I wanted to share some reasons why I think you should bring your team along.

First, it is just more fun! You can carpool, share hotel rooms, and always have a group of people to hang out with. Let’s face it. It is sometimes scary to go to a conference by yourself, especially when you know no one else. If you bring your team, you are always guaranteed to have a friend around.

Second, you can immediately share ideas. One of the most difficult things I face when going alone to a conference is trying to take all the notes I can, remember all the ideas I got, and then try to flesh them out in my own words when I get home. If your team comes along, that problem is eliminated. Even better, you can instantly discuss what you each learned, multiplying the effects of each main session and workshop.

Finally, you can share expenses. With the way our economy is today, it is tough for some people to even find enough extra cash for a cheeseburger. If you bring your team along, you can split the costs of things like rental cars and hotel bills. If you bring a big enough group (15 or more), you can even get a discount on your OC registration.

See… It is definitely worth it to bring your team along with you to the Orange Conference!

What do I Hope to Gain from Orange Conference 2012?

As I continue talking about this idea of Orange, I wanted to share some thoughts regarding what I hope for this year at the Orange Conference. Yesterday, I talked about the big things I love about the event, but today, I want to get into some details. Specifically, what do I want to gain from OC12?

First, I want to learn more on how I can help transition our high school students to college and beyond. You may remember my post a couple weeks ago, where I shared the beginning of our journey in this area of ministry. It is something that is increasingly important for the church today. Way too many students are abandoning their faith when they go off to college or work, and I want to learn all I can in order to change that.

Second, I want to learn more from other student ministers on their structure of youth group. One of the things controlling my mind lately is how to structure for future growth. I have been trying to pick the brains of local youth pastors about how they structure their weekly meetings and small groups. I look forward to gaining more wisdom at OC12.

Finally, I want to learn more about implementing a mentoring program within our student ministry. My thesis is on this idea of mentoring, and how it is crucial to a growing student ministry. I strongly believe that is the case, especially when you consider the amount of students coming from broken homes — many without a strong Christian father. The church and family needs to join efforts in order to combat this, and I am looking forward to what OC12 will teach me.

What am I Most Looking Forward to at Orange Conference 2012?

This April will be my third trip to the Orange Conference. It has become something that I look forward to each spring, as it is a staple in my growth as a minister. However, I have begun to think about why I am so excited about OC12. What are the main reasons I am looking forward to attending this conference for the third time?

First, I get to sit at the feet of some of the experts in the area of family ministries. I realized early on in my ministry “career” that I have a great deal to learn. I am far from perfect, and one of the best places to learn are from the fantastic speakers and leaders that come to the OC.

Second, I get to connect with other ministers who are passionate about family ministries. Not only do I get to meet the excellent OC blogging team, but I also am able to connect with other youth ministers at various times. The most fun is when we get together for a fun night at Dave & Busters.

Finally, I get to spend a week with little responsibility. Many of the trips I take involve watching after teenagers. At the OC, I get to kick back and relax a bit. It is a great feeling to go into a time of worship without having to make sure all your students are there. Instead, you can just focus on God, which is always a great thing!

Orange Week – February 6-10, 2012

It is that time of year again — Orange Week! Several bloggers around the world will be flooding the inter-webs with thoughts on Orange, the Orange Conference, and family ministry. For those not “in the know” about Orange, it is essentially a philosophy of how to combine the church and family. These are two institutions God established, and we believe that they need to partner together. The Bible is filled with examples of why this should happen, but we also have many modern-day examples/experiences as well. This is especially crucial, due to the current state of both the family and church in today’s culture.

For my first post, I just wanted to point you to others who will be posting about Orange this week. Be sure to check out their blogs this week and beyond!


Orange and Upward Partnering Together

Two of my favorite organizations have announced they are officially partnering up for future ministry. Orange, the people behind most the family ministry things I talk about, and Upward, a church-sponsored sports league, will soon be joining forces.

The curriculum writers at Orange will be providing three components of Upwards’ experience – the weekly practice devotions for kids, weekly halftime activities for parents, and end-of-the-season celebration DVD for families to take home. Because of this connection, the emphasis on reaching families for Christ through Upward Sports programs will be greater than ever.

I am very excited about this partnership, as both are excellent organizations! For more information, check out the official press release I have posted below.

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Equipping Small Group Leaders For Upcoming XP3 Students Series

Equipping and empowering adult small group leaders is the only way to significantly grow a sustainable youth ministry beyond yourself. This is a common thread I have encountered throughout my Bible college years, seminary and at The Orange Conference.

I was asked by XP3 to share my thoughts on how we equip small group leaders at RCC. That blog post was published today.

Head to the XP3 Blog to read it.