As I sit here, I cannot believe it was just three years ago when I was waking up with my nerves going crazy. I was rushing to get ready, make sure the church was all right, and making sure all our wedding party knew what they were to do. I never thought that day would come. Previous to that day, it had been extremely difficult for me to see myself married. I do not know why. I think maybe it was a mental block that God put there so I could stay focused on what He wanted at the time. That is my best guess. Finally, though, the day came.

I am so thankful for the woman God placed in my life. She is so thoughtful, kind, encouraging, caring, loving, generous, and — better than all that — she love Jesus more than she loves me. I love that He brought me her as a partner in His Kingdom! It is through her that I started to truly understand the real meaning behind “two becoming one.” It is MUCH more than just a physical thing. It is about our strengths and weaknesses balancing each other. It is about us complementing each other. It is about us making each other a better person. I pray that God allows me to do that for her, because she has definitely done that for me.

I think about all the other couples I know who have made it 30, 40, 50+ years, and I thank God for their example. I pray that we will also be that example to others. In a world where marriage seems so flippant, we need strong examples of what God wants. I know we will not do it perfectly, but I pray that our example is strong — to point others toward a life that is greater. Above all, I pray that if God leads you to marriage, that it would be as good or even better than what we experience!

I love you, Yvette!

One thought on “Happy 3 Year Anniversary to My Amazing Wife!

  1. AWE!!!!!! :D You’re so sweet!!!!
    Thank you for being the amazing, God-fearing husband I’ve always desired and thank you for helping me to rise up and be a better woman of God! :) I love you!!!! Happy 3 year anniversary!!!! <3

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