15 Quotes from NYWC 2018

The National Youth Workers Convention, located in St. Louis, MO, this year was a great time of refreshment and refocus. If you want to read more about the event, check out my other blog posts about it, especially the one titled "Youth Workers Unite." You can also look through my tweets from November 16-18 to … Continue reading 15 Quotes from NYWC 2018

So Many Connections (NYWC 2018)

The National Youth Workers Convention was filled with so many great things this year, but one thing I was not prepared for was all the connections I would make. Rather, I was not prepared for all the connections the Holy Spirit arranged for me to have. So today, I just wanted to run through some … Continue reading So Many Connections (NYWC 2018)

YS Honors Past with Excitement for the Future (NYWC 2018)

Earlier this year, Download Youth Ministry and Orange announced they would be purchasing Youth Specialties, a longtime youth ministry resource organization known for the National Youth Worker Convention, among many other things. Of course, there was some speculation on how it would go. YS has had their ups and downs over the years, and many … Continue reading YS Honors Past with Excitement for the Future (NYWC 2018)

Youth Workers Unite (NYWC 2018)

From the very first speaker at the National Youth Workers Convention this year, one thing was evident. A central theme emerged that God and the Youth Specialties leaders clearly wanted to get across to us: It’s time to stop comparing, competing, and fighting. Instead, we need to start uniting in our efforts to reach the … Continue reading Youth Workers Unite (NYWC 2018)

Major Themes from the Global Leadership Summit 2018

Last week, I had the privilege of attending one of the simulcast locations for the Global Leadership Summit with a large portion of our church staff. Not only was it in a beautiful location -- nestled in Estes Park, surrounded in the Rocky Mountains -- but it was also great to hear great insight from … Continue reading Major Themes from the Global Leadership Summit 2018

Creating a Volunteer Strategy in Student Ministry (OC18)

The longer I am in student ministry, the more I realize that there are so many things involved in making it happen. You have all the more traditional things like teaching, games, worship, trips, and regular communication, but you also have other elements that have been added over time. In many settings, the student ministry … Continue reading Creating a Volunteer Strategy in Student Ministry (OC18)

What if… Just Jesus? (OC18)

As I've mentioned before, this year's theme at The Orange Conference 2018 was "One Voice." The idea behind this is that we can do more when we work together. This thought is applicable to many situations, but there was one that stood out to me more than some others -- that we should work together … Continue reading What if… Just Jesus? (OC18)

Learning to Layer and Let Go (OC18)

Going into The Orange Conference 2018, I knew the theme was about working together. When it came to the workshops, though, I chose them a couple months ago. I picked them by just focusing on where I thought I needed some help. At this point, the conference is just over halfway complete, and I've been sensing … Continue reading Learning to Layer and Let Go (OC18)