Take-Aways from DYM 100 2017

If you are unfamiliar with Download Youth Ministry, do yourself a favor and head over to their website right after you finish reading this. They have great resources for youth workers: games, curriculum, events, training, and more. One of the things started last year is a small youth ministry conference called DYM 100. I have … Continue reading Take-Aways from DYM 100 2017


Quotes from the Orange Tour 2017

While I have attended the Orange Conference many times, last year was my first year attending the Orange Tour when it came to Boston. This year, I attended the Denver location with the family ministry team from my new church. While much of the information was the same as the conference back in April of … Continue reading Quotes from the Orange Tour 2017

Don’t Just Say You’re for Your Neighbors, Act Like It!

Have you ever wondered, in ministry, "Does this even matter?" It's easy to get to this point in ministry, especially when we have poured our heart into something and it doesn't turn out as we would hope. Often times, though, God shows up and does something when we least expect it. Maybe it's when a … Continue reading Don’t Just Say You’re for Your Neighbors, Act Like It!

Do your Church and Community Look the Same?

Does your church's family photo match your community's family photo? Kara Powell believes it should, and I agree. At the Orange Conference 2017, she explained exactly why this is so important. She started by saying, "We should get to know our neighbors, because of Jesus." He was all about loving those around Him. And if … Continue reading Do your Church and Community Look the Same?

Vertical vs. Horizontal Morality

You know how you feel when you hear someone say something you’ve thought for a while? That’s the feeling I got when Andy Stanley started out this morning at The Orange Conference talking about what he calls vertical morality, which he defined as peace with God based on keeping peace with God. It’s an approach … Continue reading Vertical vs. Horizontal Morality

It Takes a Party

The Orange Conference has officially begun! This morning, we attended some pre-conference You Lead Labs. (Be sure to check out my last post about becoming a better public speaker, which all came from one of these labs.) Tonight, though, we had our first main session with everyone in the Infinite Energy Center here in Duluth, … Continue reading It Takes a Party

5 Ways to Improve as a Public Speaker

As a youth pastor, I am constantly speaking in front of people. It’s something I never anticipated when giving my first speech in seventh grade. In fact, it was never something I truly enjoyed doing in school. I got more comfortable with it each time, and I did enjoy talking about topics that interested me, … Continue reading 5 Ways to Improve as a Public Speaker