I began volunteering in kids and student ministry as a high school student 1999. And in 2001, I enrolled at Lincoln Christian University, where I received my B.A. in Youth Ministry and my M.A. General Ministry (Youth Ministry/Counseling focus).

In 2003, I began my journey of “professional” ministry. Over that time, I served in the following roles: intern, camp ministry, youth ministry resident, part-time youth pastor, and full-time youth pastor in three states (Illinois, New Hampshire, and Colorado).

I currently serve as a missionary with National Network of Youth Ministries as the Colorado State Coordinator, where my primary responsibility is to help establish healthy networks of youth workers around the state as well as offer counseling, coaching, and consulting. If you’re not connected with other youth workers in your area, please check out the NNYM website at nnym.org. And if you would like to join my prayer team or financial team, click here.

In 2009, I married my wife, Yvette. It is truly our passion to minister to the next generation, their families, and the youth workers who lead them. In addition to traveling, enjoying the outdoors, and watching movies together, you can usually find us networking, coaching, and consulting with youth pastors; speaking at youth and family ministry events; or sitting at the kids table at a multi-generational event. We also are pre-marital counselors with Seminary training, SYMBIS certification, and Prepare-Enrich certification.

You can also find me and the things I create at any of the following places online:

I’m also a huge fan of video games, comics, soccer, music, hiking, skiing, roller coasters, and running.

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