Since 2017, I have been the student pastor at LifeBridge Christian Church, where I work with 6-12th grade students and their families. Before that, I was the student minister at Rockingham Christian Church for 10 years. And further back, I served in various student ministry roles over 6 years at Jefferson Street Christian Church, Greenview Christian Church, First Christian Church, several Christian camps, and more.

I have a B.A. Youth Ministry and an M.A. General Ministry (Youth Ministry/Counseling focus), both from Lincoln Christian University.

It is my passion to minister to teens and their families alongside my amazing wife, Yvette! We also are pre-marital counselors with Seminary training, SYMBIS certification, and Prepare-Enrich certification. If you’re looking to get married and would like to go through pre-marital counseling, feel free to contact us.

I can also be found speaking at youth and family ministry events, such as conferences, camps, and retreats.

You can also find me and the things I create at any of the following places online:

I also work closely with the National Network of Youth Ministries as the Colorado state coordinator. If you’re not connected with other youth workers in your area, please check out the NNYM website at

I’m also a huge fan of soccer, music, hiking, skiing, roller coasters, and running.

Feel free to contact me (questions, booking, advice, etc.):