Steve Cullum 2Name: Steve Cullum

College: Lincoln Christian University

Major: B.A. Youth Ministry; M.A. General Ministry (Youth Ministry/Counseling focus)

I am the Student Pastor at LifeBridge Christian Church, where I work with 6-12th grade students (since July 2017). Before that, I was The Student Minister at Rockingham Christian Church for 10 years and served at Jefferson Street Christian Church in various roles within the student ministry over six years. It is my passion to minister to teens and their families. I married my amazing wife, Yvette, on January 3, 2009. She is an awesome partner in life and ministry!

I’m trying to write as much as possible, including my blog and a couple book ideas. I can occasionally be found speaking at youth and family ministry events, such as conferences, camps, and retreats.

I have a regular podcast all about student ministry, simply named The Student Ministry Podcast, where I interview other student ministry workers. We talk about their story, what their ministry looks like, and share some tips with our listeners. You can subscribe on almost any “podcatcher” by searching for my name or The Student Ministry Podcast. The website is

I also closely with the National Network of Youth Ministries as the communication director for New England. If you’re not connected with other youth workers in your area, please check out the NNYM website at

In addition to sports, one of my other hobbies is video games. I’m also the [volunteer] senior editor for, a privately owned fan-blog for all Nintendo-related news and games. I also write occasionally for, a Christian gaming website and online community. It is a lot of fun, and I thank God for both of these sites that give me an outlet to talk about games and connect with that part of culture.

I’m also a huge fan of soccer, movies, music, hiking, skiing, roller coasters, and running. I enjoy reading, but I find it hard to sit down with a good book lately, so I’ve found myself using Audible’s audio books more.

Where else can you find me online?

Feel free to contact me (questions, booking, advice, etc.):