Get Out of the Office

How much time do you spend in the office each day/week compared to time in the community building relationships with others? I’ve been convicted to get out of the office more. Maybe this is something you could do too…


Sending vs. Hoarding

A few weeks ago, I attended the Exponential Conference. Soon after I arrive, I was confronted with a bunch of speakers bombarding me with one central message — we need to multiply!


Brokenness Aside

We are a broken people who come together to make broken churches. Sometimes, that brokenness gets in the way, though, doesn’t it? Here’s a recent revelation God revealed to me about His church!


Why Involve Teenagers in Church Work?

We all talk about the staggering number of teenagers that step away from the church after they graduate high school. One of the biggest ways to keep teenagers involved in church is to actually get them involved. So, here are a few areas where teens can serve in your church!