Communicate Early and Communicate Often

There's a funny saying about voting: Vote early and vote often! Clearly it's a tongue-in-cheek statement, but I do think the phrase is incredibly applicable to communication, especially within student ministry. In a world with many stereotypes about youth pastor who fly by the seats of their pants and don't have a plan, you can … Continue reading Communicate Early and Communicate Often

Let’s Take Christmas to the World!

This year, I keep getting reminded that not everyone thinks of Christmas in a positive light. In fact, many people get depressed around the holiday season. The amount of people who commit suicide even goes up before, during, and right after Christmas. If this is you, I just want to offer a sincere and heartfelt … Continue reading Let’s Take Christmas to the World!

The Power of Presence

People are hurting. Yes, that's exactly how I'm starting this blog post, because it's a sad truth. Everywhere I look, I see students, parents, and other individuals suffering through times of crisis. Whether it be clinical depression or mourning the loss of a loved one or not getting into the school, club, or career they … Continue reading The Power of Presence

Handling Money in Youth Ministry

A few years ago, I wrote about counting money as a youth minister, but I felt it was time for a follow-up. Other than the people who handle offerings, it is quite possible that a youth minister handles the most money within a church. Between retreats, mission trips, pizza parties, and much more, students and parents … Continue reading Handling Money in Youth Ministry