Student Ministry Podcast: Interview with Mel Nelson (Episode 5)

In episode 5, I interview Meg Nelson, the minister of children and youth at United Church of Norwood, MA, and a volunteer with Young Life.


Why Involve Teenagers in Church Work?

We all talk about the staggering number of teenagers that step away from the church after they graduate high school. One of the biggest ways to keep teenagers involved in church is to actually get them involved. So, here are a few areas where teens can serve in your church!

Top 5 Reasons to Go Orange

Orange is more than a strategy for family ministry. It’s a philosophy that can change your entire church. Today, during “Orange Blogger Week,” I’d like to give you my top five reasons for your church to go Orange!

Back to the Basics

One of my friends and student ministry team members were talking last night after our middle school youth group about the importance of getting back to the basics. He mentioned how it is important in almost all aspects of life. I recently noticed this when I was preparing a lesson for the middle schoolers. When…