Ok, so most of you know that I am already raising support for my ministry here in New England.  It has been tough to do fundraising, as I hate asking people for money.  However, I guess sometimes you have to do it.  I have had some struggles meeting the actual amount that I have been asked to raise.  And to top it off, there are sometimes unexpected expenses that are tough to pay when you are living on fundraising.  This is why this blog is titled, “Need Help.”

Yvette and I are getting married on January 3, 2009.  In order to prepare for our marriage, we are doing pre-marital counseling.  However, because we do not live in the same state (let alone town), I will have to fly back each time.  The first time I’ll be going is Sept. 4-6, and the second time is Oct. 16-18.  We are unsure if a flight in November will be needed.  The cost of flights are so expensive, but this is worth it.  I still struggle to say this, but I must.  Will you pray for me?  And if God places it on your heart to help us make this work, will you please act upon it?  If so, please email me (scullum@rockinghamchristian.com), and I’ll get you my address.  Dan Clymer, at Restoration House Ministries has already volunteered to help some.  Will you please pray for more help like that?

Again, I apologize, because I despise asking for money.  But I know that if we do not ask, sometimes people are not allowed to use their gifts to help others.

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