Today, I went with a group of friends to hike Mt. Kearsarge and go to the Hopkinton (NH) State Fair in Contoocook, NH.  The hike was great!  It was a beautiful day, and the view was amazing.  The state fair was fun too.  I was excited to know they do have fairs here in New England, because I really enjoyed them when I lived in Illinois.  It was a bit different, but overall, it was the same.  We were able to find a vender who sold funnel cakes, which was awesome, because it is very difficult to find them in New England.  They instead have fried dough stands everywhere, which is essentially the same but just in a flat pancake-like thing instead of how a funnel cake is.  I also got to see a first — Pony Pulls!  These are like the truck/tractor pulls that I am used to; however, ponies were doing the pulling of sleds stacked with hundreds (and even thousands) of pounds of concrete blocks.  Very interesting…  Anyhow, it was a great day.  I’ll attach a couple pictures of the hike below, but for more, just visit my Facebook album by clicking here.

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