Today, as I am sitting in my office waiting for tonight’s Discovery Workshops to start, a man walks into the church.  I, being the only one there, greet him.  He proceeds to ask me if I own the blue car in the parking lot.  I, of course, respond with a yes.  Then the next thing out of his mouth is that I just got hit by a van that drove off.  He tells me that at least three people saw it happen, including the Fed-X deliverer.  Apparently, a gold van backed out of the parking spot directly behind me.  I’m assuming she did not see my car, and she hit it in the back end.  Either not knowing this happened or not caring, she pulls away, leaving this man to run in and tell me about what happened to my poor car.

I, having never had this happen to be before, immediately called my insurance company.  Then I called the local police.  The officer said he will work on trying to figure out who did it, but if he cannot, my insurance will have to cover it.  So, it was a good experience for me to learn what to do in a situation like this, but it is still frustrating!  I really hope they can find out who did it, because my collision deductible is $500, and I’m not sure if I have that kind of money right now.

Overall, I’m glad my car still works.  Even though it has some pretty big spots with no paint, it still runs great and it gets me around.  Thank God for that!  Until the cops get this settled or I get someone to repaint my rear bumper and spoiler, it looks like I’ll just have to drive around a scratched up car.  But things could be worse…  It’s just crazy that I was involved in a “hit and run.”  Leave a note, people!

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