On October 29, 2008, I was blessed beyond measure.  A couple in the church gave me their extra ticket for the Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith concert in Lowell, MA.  Hands down, this may have been the best concert I’ve attended.  It is at least in my top 5, and I attend a lot of concerts.  Here’s a quick rundown of the concert:

  1. Both artists sing/play some worship songs (everyone sings along).
  2. Steven Curtis Chapman does his thing.
  3. Michael W. Smith joins Chapman for a fun time of singing each other’s songs (old ones that everyone joins in on).
  4. Intermission.
  5. Both sing/play.
  6. Smith does his thing.
  7. Both sing/play some worship songs (everyone sings along once again).
  8. We all go home VERY blessed!

My favorite part of the night was Chapman’s section.  Not only do I like his music better, his story was so amazing to hear!  If you have not heard it, please check out stevencurtischapman.com to see some interview concerning his family’s tragic story.  They are pushing through, though, and it was great to hear his speak about it.

I recorded a video from the beginning of the concert.  Check it out below.

I’m not sure on the tour dates, but if they are still on the road, I’d strongly advise you to check it out for yourself!

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