So, I’m finally moved into my new house in Salem, NH.  I’m so glad to be there.  Not only that…  I’m also excited that I now have power!  As you know, most of New Hampshire was without power after a horrible ice storm hit us last Thursday night and Friday morning.  The power is back on at my house, and I’m slowly getting things set up.  It was great this morning, though.  Now, opposed to driving 11 miles to the church every day, I drive 4 miles.  I’m also closer to students and families, so they can more easily drop by.  I’m trying to go without internet for now.  It’s tough, but I’m making it work.  Currently, I’m sitting in Wendy’s using their free wi-fi.  I will look into prices when I get back from my honeymoon, but for now, I’m all about saving money.  Not to mention, I have plenty to do in unpacking and cleaning before I head out for Christmas and the wedding.  Thanks so much for your prayers!  Also, thanks to the number of families who offered me a warm place to sleep and a hot shower during these past several days (and a special thank you to those I actually took up on your offer)!!  I think, by far, the coolest thing about this power outage has been families and friends coming together to help each other.  I’ve even seen it go beyond that with people reaching out to complete strangers, too.  That’s awesome!

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