I just realized I had not written anything since Easter, so here’s a quick update as to how things are going.

Had a great day Sunday with the Local Outreach Team, and we are gearing up for a year of outreach here in Salem (including some stuff for July 4th and hosting a 5K run in the fall).  We had a Student Worship time on Sunday afternoon, and we invited the parents to join us.  They had an excellent time of discussion, and they are even interested in meeting more often!  Afterwards, the high school girls went on to have a “polish party,” and the guys came over to my house to eat some pizza and play video games.  I’ve also now got 3 students taking guitar lessons from me.

Yvette and I are doing well.  She has been offered two jobs, and she is ready to take one.  It’s  in Massachusetts, but it seems to be a great fit for now.  We are still unsure about our car situation, but we know that God will provide.  If you have any ideas on where to get a free car, let us know.  Ha!  Speaking of cars, Yvette got hit a couple weeks ago, and we are still trying to figure out the insurance situation.  The other party’s insurance does not want to pay for the entire cost, saying it was 50% Yvette’s fault…even though she was sitting still when she got hit.  Other than that, we’re getting ready to celebrate Yvette’s birthday tomorrow.

I added a “media page” to the site.  Be sure to check it out for photos, videos, and other media that I will post from time to time.  If you’d like to see anything in particular, please let me know by commenting or sending me an email.

Speaking of which…I’d love to hear from you, especially those family and friends who live far away, so feel to comment below or email.

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