I thought it was about time for me to catch all of you up on my life…so here we go.

Yvette and I will soon be heading back to IL for a few days.  It’s been 5 months since Yvette and I got married, and soon we will be going to another wedding.  This will be our second one we’ve attended as Mr. & Mrs.  Our good friends, Dann and Heather, are getting married this Saturday.  They’ve known each other for about 7 years, and have dated for the last 2 of those years.

Yvette has been working hard at her temp job.  She’s realized it is probably not what she wants to do the rest of her life, but it is a good job for now, and it pays well…which is definitely a big help for a new married couple in a struggling economy.  We praise God all the time for providing it.

It seems like everywhere we turn, our married friends are having kids.  As of right now, Yvette and I do not plan on having our own for some time.  We’ve both decided it is more imporant for us to spend time together and also begin to pay off our school loans before ushering in another person to our family.  Of course, if God has other plans, we’ll obviously adhere.

We’re still looking for ways to get out and in the community in which we live.  We want to be a shining light for God, but we often find ourselves (at least I do) surrounded with only Christians.  This is great, but I’m not sure if God wants teenagers to be the only people I tell about Him.  We’re thinking about joining an athletic/workout club, and I’ve definitely tossed around the idea of joining a soccer league.  I do miss playing a lot!  Honestly, I feel that is something I’ve not done much with lately — my athletic side — since I’ve been in New England.  Other than watching sports, I’ve not played much.  So, maybe God will put me in contact with someone on the soccer field or gym.

Other than that, things are basically normal around here.  We’re still getting use to marriage, and we’re having a great time together serving God.  We thank all of you for your continued support!  May God bless you as you have been a blessing to us!!

All about Him,

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