This past week, I went down to Whitman, MA, with a group of high school students and adults from RCC.  We were a part of WorkCamp New England — a service project (or mission trip) week where we served people in that community.  We joined with 140-something others to paint, roof, build, and clean homes for the residents in that area.  I was placed in charge of a team whose jobs were re-roofing a house, staining a deck, fixing a window, fixing a storm door, and ripping up some carpet.

I was primarilly on the roof all week.  The good side was that I got 4 shades darker, and now Yvette is jealous of my tan.  (Ha!)  However, I do have a pretty bad “farmer’s tan,” and I need to find some time to “even out.”  Aside from meeting and working beside some cool students and other adults, I realized I’m glad i’m not a roofer for my permanent “day job.”  Granted, I think I ended up doing a good job in the end, I did not enjoy it, especially because we were nailing by hand instead of by nail gun.  Also, it was somewhat frustrating that every other adult who was more qualified than me told me a different way of starting a roof.  Even when I thought one way was the best, others told me it wasn’t.  So, if I ever do need to roof for a job, I now know 3 ways of doing it.  Ha!

Overall, it was a GREAT week, though.  It was really cool getting to know our students better, spending a week lowering myself and serving others, and growing closer to my Lord.  The theme for the week was ONE.  We are one body, serving one Lord, have one Spirit, and looking forward to one hope.  I can’t wait to do more service projects and mission trips with the students and adults here at RCC.  Please pray for our future plans in these areas.

Also, expect video/photos within the next couple weeks.

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