It’s official — we are now in the year 2010…5 years away from flying cars and hover-boards, according to “Back to the Future.” What will this year hold in store for me? I’m not sure. I know that it has been great already, though. So far, I was a part of a great collaboration between 2 other area churches for a New Year’s Eve party for the teens, I had a great first anniversary celebration with Yvette, and I was a part of a great worship time with my church. To top it off, Yvette started her new job today. Things look great for this year.

As far as resolutions go, I’m not sure I have many.  I mean, honestly, shouldn’t we be making certain resolutions every day? Why should things like living healthier, growing closer to God, and being a better person wait for the new year?  Therefore, my one resolution this year is to live every day like it is January 1 — thanking God for a new day and doing the best I can that day, not worrying about breaking that resolution the next week, because I will be making it again the next day. Care to share your New Year’s Resolution(s)?

I also ran across a recent article where the NAGG declared 2010 should be pronounced “twenty-ten” and not “tw0-thousand-ten” as we have done the with the last 10 years. I’m not sure I want to make the switch just yet. I took a quick pole at the New Year’s Eve party, and our students were about half-and-half. I took the same pole during our 11am worship time at RCC, and they leaned toward twenty-ten.  So, what will you call it?

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