Today, I am writing to let you know of 2 upcoming youth events that I am really excited about.  The first is Deep Freeze.  It will take place at Camp Berea, which is located off of Newfound Lake in NH.  The location is great, and the students have loved this event in the past.  This year, we are taking our biggest group ever, with 21 students.  It should be an amazing time of growth — both spiritually and in group camaraderie. In the past, this has been a significant time for our students, where they have made important life decisions.  Please pray that happens again this year.

The second event is a summer event called Workcamp New England. It is basically a service project week, where we will combine efforts with other church youth groups to serve a chosen community.  This year, we will be serving in Kennebunk, ME.  I am writing for two reasons.  The first is to let you know about this trip and ask that you pray for our group, especially as they raise funds to go.  The second is to ask for your financial help.  As I just mentioned, the students are busy raising their money to go.  However, there may be some students who cannot raise all that they will need for various reasons. In addition, the costs are still there for the adults.  If you would like to give to this trip, please contact me.  You can also send a check to Rockingham Christian Church at 5 Industrial Way, Unit 2, Salem, NH 03079.

Thanks so much for your continued effort in supporting the ministry God is doing in RCC and in all of New England!  Without your prayer and financial support, there is no telling where we would be!

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