It is no secret that TIME Magazine puts out a list of the Top 100 People every year, based on influence. The 2011 list consists of several people you would expect, but of course, it contains many that might shock you. Among the Top 100 are Rob Bell, who has endured much controversy as of late, and Geoffrey Canada, who I get to see speak next week at the Orange Conference. Others include Justin Bieber, Colin Firth, Mark Zuckerberg, Prince William, and Kate Middleton.

As I look through the list, there are many that make sense to me. For example, it seems that Oprah Winfrey is on the list every year. However, I have never heard of at least half of the ones listed. Does this mean that these people are not as influential as TIME thinks they are, or does it mean I am just out of touch with mainstream culture?

Whatever the case, one thought pops into my head. I wonder how many of these Top 100 are Christ-followers. As I stated earlier, I do not know many of them, so I cannot even come close to knowing where they stand with their faith. I can only pray that they use their influence for God’s kingdom. Will you join me in that prayer? Further, will you join me in praying that next year’s Top 100 will be filled with people who call Christ their Lord?

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