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It has happened. I’ve gotten to the point when I have started saying, “I remember when…” I don’t feel old, but when I think back to my short time on earth, there have been so many things that have happened.

Most recently, the topic of computers brought these words to my mouth. Specifically, it was while I was watching “Tron Legacy.” As I thought back to watching the original “Tron” just a couple days before, I was amazed to see how far the movie had evolved — both in props/surroundings and in how the movie was made.

I remember when playing Carmen Sandiego on the Apple IIe‘s at school. I remember my grandfather teaching me DOS on a Tandy PC. I remember using a mouse for the first time. I remember Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. I remember when hard-drives first reached 1 Gigabyte. I remember getting dial-up internet.

iPhone 4 showing the home screen.
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Now, I have a really powerful computer that I take around with me all the time in my cell phone! I have a laptop that has a 120 GB hard-drive, and it seems to not be enough. I play games that reach millions of colors instead of just green and black. I have Wi-Fi cable internet throughout my entire home, and further, I can send an email when I’m at the beach with my phone.

Things sure have changed over my short 28 years in this world. Computers are just one of the many changes. Perhaps I will turn this “I Remember When…” into a series on my blog. Who knows. But I would love to hear your computer memories.


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