The other day, my wife and I were talking about how sometimes we feel very lazy and don’t want to do anything. I jokingly told her that she was being liturgical, while I really meant that she was lethargic. We had a good laugh, but today it got me thinking.

Liturgy is typically defined as a formula by which Christians worship. In the Catholic church, there is even a liturgy guide (lectionary) that is based on the liturgical calendar. This calendar is based mainly on different part of Jesus’ life and the early church (Advent, Lent, Easter, etc). To me, this means that there is a general flow to the year, and in each season, there is a focus on a different aspect of Jesus. At times, we focus on His birth, and other times are focused on His resurrection.

So, why am I truthfully saying I feel “liturgical” and not just joking around with Yvette? I really do long for regularity (and no, not in the way you are thinking!). While I am sometimes a spontaneous person in my personal/social life, I really like having some formula by which to live my life. What better formula to live by than Jesus’ life? I am not sure exactly what this includes just yet, but I feel that my life cannot be any worse by focusing on Jesus more! On top of that, I cannot wait until we get back into a regular schedule with youth group and all church activities. Summer is great, but it is not regular.

Are you with me? Who wants to be a bit more liturgical?


2 thoughts on “Feeling “Liturgical”

  1. Steve,

    I think you’re spot on with this post. In general this is something I have seen in our generation, a longing for more daily involvement of one’s worship in one’s life.

    Of course, there are dozens of resources out there to do this, but the three best ways to do it are in your family, small group and your church. It can often be hard to do at the micro level if it is not being done at a macro level. I wish more churches would be aware of this ancient western tradition.

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