sarahlee1As I sat at my desk eating my lunch today, I looked down to read the label on my lunchmeat container — Sara Lee. This reminded me of something I learned a few months back. I had always thought the company’s tag line was, “Nobody does it like Sara Lee.” I mean… it makes sense, right? If you are going to promote your product, you would say that nobody does it like you. Nope! Apparently, that was not the case. The official tagline, according to Wikipedia and other sources, is this: “Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee.” Seriously? Why use a double-negative to promote your product?

The good thing is that I am apparently not the only one who has thought this. I read on to see that many mistakingly say the tag line as “does it” all the time. So, I guess I am in good company, but I still don’t understand why they would do that in the first place. Oh well… I’m sure there is some lesson in here somewhere, but for now, I will just sit back in wonder.

Did anyone else reading this think the same as me?

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