weddingToday, my wife and I are celebrating five years of marriage. Over the years, God has done some amazing work in our lives. If you have been around us, though, you know that our Masters Degrees were one of the things we always felt that was holding us back. Now they are out of the way, we feel God is calling us to do even more for His kingdom. One of those things is to write at least one book.

We have only just recently begun sharing this vision with others. I think it just felt like a crazy idea for so long, but here recently, it has become more and more solidified that it is part of God’s plan. So, I felt it was important to share with you, my blog readers, in order to ask for your prayer support. This is something brand new for both of us, and we want God to be at the center through the entire process.

While we have never written a book, we do each have a thesis published, my wife has a degree in journalism, and I have a steady stream of blog posts between my personal site and the Nintendo site. So, while we do not feel we are completely under-qualified for this task, it is still a bit overwhelming. I think that is because it is a God-sized vision, which is also what excites us about it.

So, what will the book be about? In a word — marriage. Specifically, we feel called to write a book to unmarried teens and young-adults, who are seeking to get married one day. We have realized that we have been extremely blessed by others in our lives, who have helped us have a (so far) successful marriage. We know this is not really of our own doing, but because others helped us to make the right decisions. So, we want to help others. Who knows what God will do through this book. Maybe He will open the door for us to speak on a national level. Maybe He will allow us to reach thousands of people with this message. Or perhaps He wants us to write so that we can help one couple have a more Christ-centered marriage. Whatever He wants is what we want.

Please keep this book project in your prayers, when you think of us. We really appreciate it!!

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