When I first started this blog back in 2007, my goal was to keep in touch with my financial and prayer supporters, as I started serving at RCC. I shared successes and struggles, as to help connect with those who cared about me. As our church became financially independent, and did not need me to raise funds anymore, the blog evolved into a place where I also shared book reviews, ministry resources, youth ministry tips, conference notes, marriage thoughts, tech-stuff, and more. It’s really become a “hodgepodge” of blog posts.

blog update

So, it recently crossed my mind that maybe I should clean things up a bit and give this site more of a streamlined purpose. I don’t yet know what it will look like, but I think it may go back to being a place where I will write more about me, my life, and my ministry. I think it will again become a place where I can share stories that feel too long for Twitter or Facebook — a place where I can write freely about my life.

Where will my writings about ministry, marriage, and other stuff like that go? I’m not yet sure. Yvette and I have thought about starting a marriage-focused blog to prepare for our book. I’ve considered writing about student ministry for an established site, but I could also see myself starting a new one. I’ve also really felt strongly about doing a site specifically focused on helping students and parents in their effort to reach out to others experiencing tragedy. This has stemmed from my experience with that in my own ministry recently.

Yes, I know. This all seems pretty overwhelming, and that’s where you come in. Please keep all this in your prayers. And if you feel like God is telling you to tell me something, please pass it along. I want to follow Him, and I want to make sure none of this is just for me. I know I am nothing without Him, so I want to make sure I do what He wants.

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