This past weekend, I took a trip with our high school students that I have been wanting to do for many years. We went whitewater rafting with eight of our students. It was a great trip, and everyone had a blast. On top of the fun, it was also a great team building event to do with our students. If you have ever been rafting, you know that it take the entire team working together to get through the rapids. If one or two people are not pulling their weight, it doesn’t go as well.

Right before the trip, I finally picked up a toy I have been wanting for a while — a GoPro camera. So, I had to wear it and get some first-person perspectives from the trip down the river. After sifting through and editing about 25 clips, here is a short compilation of our trip down the Deerfield River in western Massachusetts.

If you are looking for a touring company to take your group rafting, I highly recommend Crab Apple Whitewater Rafting. They have tours of all levels for all age groups. You could take your young kids on class I or II rivers, or you could take a group of older teenagers or adults on some class IV and V rapids. When we go next time, we will most likely use Crab Apple again.


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