This presidential election has made so many people anxious, including Christians. And yet, we are told by Jesus not to be anxious in Matthew 6. So, how do we go into this election and remain worry-free?

Last night, at our high school ministry, I shared some thoughts that I think are so important for us to remember. Please note that I know these thoughts are not original with me. Instead, I just want to keep reminding people, as others have before me, that God is in control.

Beyond that, He has placed us (His church) in charge of making a difference in the world around us. When all is said and done, it’s not a new President that will make our country better. It will be God’s church that makes America better. It will be His people reaching out and loving our neighbors and serving others in Jesus’ name. That’s what will make our world better.

So, yes, please pray and get out and vote (as I wrote about months ago)! Turn that anxiety into prayer-fuel, and exercise your civic duty! But at the same time, don’t believe the lie that society often tells us that this election is the end. It is far from it! God was God long before this election, and He will remain to be God long after (forever, in fact).

Here is a quick video from Craig Groeschel at, where he shares many of the thoughts I’ve had in a really thoughtful and straightforward manner.

Piggy-backing on what Groeschel said, yesterday was the “International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.” It’s a day when Christians all around the world pause to think and pray for our brothers and sisters who are facing serious persecution, including threats on their lives, because of their faith. Open Doors has a list of the top 50 countries that face persecution, and the United States isn’t even on that list.

While many people worry that this election might end in more persecution for Christians in America, I can’t help but agree with Groeschel’s thoughts. Not that I want persecution, but it might help us grow stronger, as it has so many others around the world.

But back to my original thought, we need to remember that God is still God. He is in control. And He has placed His church in a place to shine in the darkness and to make a difference for Him! So, as you pray and vote, please don’t stop there! Don’t believe the lie that this election is anything more than another election. Yes, it could be better—much much better—but my point is that we are called by God to do much more than our President, no matter who gets elected this time and in the future! We are called to be God’s church!

So, youth workers, students, and other random people who read this blog, here’s your quick pep talk… Let’s go be the church and change this world for Jesus!!



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