Over the years, I’ve developed this dislike for things like New Year’s Resolutions. It’s not that I think they’re outdated or useless, I just tend to try to be original and not come up with goals just because everyone else is and it’s the thing to do. However, after a crazy year in 2016, I realized I need some structure and goals that will help me stay focused even if 2017 is like its predecessor.

So, in a way of keeping myself accountable, I thought I’d share my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions here on my blog. If you feel like praying for me, go for it. If you feel like encouraging me, bring it on. If you feel like holding me accountable, be gentle!

  1. Get back into shape. Yes, I know this is one almost everyone makes, but I’m really serious. I know some of it comes with age, but I’ve gotten tired of not being able to do what I used to do when I was younger and more in shape. So, I’ve given up soda and started doing Beach Body workouts again, and I’m going to sign up for several races and try to get back into soccer (playing and hopefully coaching).
  2. Write a book. You know how I’ve written on here my dreams for writing a book before? Well, I hope to write at least one this year. This doesn’t mean I will actually get published. Some of that is out of my hands. But I want to at least put one together and see what happens. Hopefully, it will also give me enough experience to begin another one with my wife.
  3. De-clutter our house. Look at that — another resolution that many people make. What am I becoming? But seriously, there is a reason why people want to do this. It’s important. It’s not like our home is like one of those you see on “Hoarders,” but I could definitely get rid of some things that just sit around. Things like books, clothes, and old decorations will be the first and easiest to go. I’d love for our basement to be clean and organized. So, I’m going to do what I can in the winter months, but then really tackle it when spring and summer hits.
  4. Pay off our school loans. We are extremely close to finally being debt free. We’ve been blessed by very wise people who have helped us to stay out of credit card debt and to live within our means. However, we still have all the debt from undergrad and grad school. Soon, though, that will all be in the past, and I am very excited about that!
  5. Travel more. One of the things my wife and I love to do is travel, and they are usually the parts of life we remember the most. They are times when we get to focus more on each other and see the world and new people. Over our eight years of marriage, we’ve visited Orlando, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston, Chicago, and more, including a mission trip to Puerto Rico. Of course, there’s also all the trips we’ve taken across New England. But we’re hoping to branch out even more in 2017. Our first goal is England, but we hope to get to at least one other new location!

What are your resolutions? Or do you do resolutions? I’d love to hear your thoughts! And if you have blogged about your own resolutions, feel free to link to them, and I’ll check them out!

Have a great 2017!

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