This past Sunday, at Rockingham Christian Church, I was able to preach the third part of our four-week series called I’M IN. The series is based on the XP3 Students’ curriculum (what we’re currently using for our middle school and high school), but we’ve written our own stuff for Sunday morning.

Over the four weeks, we’re taking a look at people who interacted with Jesus and had their lives changed, convincing them to say, “I’m in!” The first week was about Mary Magdalene, and the second week was about James, the brother of Jesus. This week, I talked about “Doubting” Thomas.

It was a fun experience to dive into Thomas’ story to realize how logical and reasonable he was when he doubted Jesus’ resurrection in John 20. I also shared some adolescent psychology stuff that I learned a few years ago, which tied into how they handle doubts and develop faith.

If you want to listen to the entire message, just click on the link below to head to RCC’s podcast page. You can also subscribe to get all of RCC’s messages from past weeks and the ones we do in the future.




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