When I first arrived at Rockingham Christian Church in October 2007, I stepped into a volunteer-led student ministry that was regularly meeting but in need of a leader to take it to the next level. I gladly accepted the role, as I felt it was something God was calling me to do. Soon after, I was told the volunteers had our group signed up for two events in the coming year. One of them was something called Deep Freeze at a local Christian Camp by the name of Berea.

Two weekends ago, I attended Deep Freeze for the 10th time with a large group of 6-12 grade students and some amazing adult leaders! I’ve written about Berea before, many years ago, but I felt it was time to brag on them a bit more. This is one of the events our students look forward to most forward to each year. It has been a huge catalyst for their spiritual growth, and I am very thankful for all they do to provide these environments.


For the last several years, we’ve been struggling a bit with creating community in our middle school group. Unlike our high school group, many of our middle schoolers are from different towns, so most of them only see each other at church once or maybe twice a week. This past Wednesday, though, after our weekend at Deep Freeze, it was incredible the amount of community that was in the room. They were high-fiving each other when they came in, chanting each other’s names, and participating much more than they ever have before.

Deep Freeze has always been a highlight of our year, because of how our students grow in their relationship with Jesus, but this year, it was an awesome point of growth within our group! Our students now have a bond stronger than they have ever had before!

Berea is quickly expanding and growing, too. They recently started regional events through Greenhouse Ministries, which includes Lead Youth, Lead Kids, Simply Worship, and Simply Beautiful. They also acquired a second location in Maine, which they are developing into another amazing place for children, teens, and adults to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Below, you can check out a quick recap of our time at Deep Freeze from February 3-5, 2017…

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