Every Christmas, we travel to Illinois to see family. A few years ago, during our time with my wife’s family, I was introduced to Duck Dynasty. While I had seen short clips online, I had never watched a full show. After one or two episodes, I was hooked! We have since went on to watch all we could find online and watched the new shows each week. We think the shows are hilarious, and we really like what the family’s values to put God and others first.

One day, I was walking through a store, and a book caught my eye. It was written by Jase Robertson, the second oldest Duck Dynasty brother, and the title was Good Call: Reflections on Faith, Family, and Fowl. I made a mental note, and I was soon purchasing the book on Audible. While there are many reasons why I chose to get it as an audio book instead of reading it myself, the biggest was that it was read by the author. I really wanted to hear Jase’s stories in his own voice, and his wife even tells a few of her own stories.

I already heard some of the Robertson family’s story, but there was so much I did not know. The thing that impressed me the most was Jase’s heart for those who do not yet know Jesus. When he made the decision to follow Christ, it had an amazing impact on his life. He began telling everyone about Him, led several Bible studies, and baptized so many people.

Even though his early life had some obvious struggles, Jase never let that keep him down. He learned from his father’s mistakes, and their relationship is much stronger now. Jase even says on multiple occasions that his father is one of his biggest heroes and influences.

Yes, there are hunting and fishing stories in there that are absolutely hilarious! And yes, you hear some crazy stories about his uncle Si. However, the biggest reason to pick up Good Call is the inspirational stories of true faith in God!

I would love to share more, but I don’t want to spoil anything. It is much better when you hear the stories from Jase, himself. I would just mess it up!

If you want to learn more about Jase and his family, I highly recommend this book. Further, if you are looking for inspiration to follow Jesus and use every opportunity to honor Him, you should definitely read this!


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