Here is a note I read at RCC’s worship gatherings on Sunday, July, 2, 2017:

Ten years ago, I first visited Rockingham Christian Church. I was wrapping up my ministry resident program at a church in Illinois, I had a girlfriend back there, and I had a God-sized future ahead of me in New England. Over the years, I married that girl, met some amazing people here, and have been able to partner with an awesome team of youth workers to build a student ministry and play a small role in the lives of teenagers and families in this area.

Many of you have heard me say that it has always been my goal to flip the statistics on their heads — the ones about how many teens walk away from the church and their faith after high school — and this church has seen some very positive results, as the majority of our students are not only still involved but pursuing leadership for Christ.

One of the things Yvette and I have taught students and families over the years is to follow God wherever He leads you. We often have no clue what He wants to do through us, but we have to be ready for the adventure. It’s that adventure that brought us to New England and specifically to RCC.

While there is still work to be done, we are currently in a very very bittersweet time of our lives, because we have recently felt and heard God saying it is time to move on. Trust me when I say that I really wrestled with God on this, because I truly love what I’m doing and we love you all. If we could be in two places at once, we would. But that’s not yet possible… And we would be hypocrites if we didn’t obey our own teaching to follow God’s call.

So in a few weeks, Yvette and I will be moving to Longmont, Colorado, to become the Student Pastor at LifeBridge Christian Church. It is a move that was very unexpected. But God has made His plan very clear. It’s a great church that has done some amazing things in its community and in God’s Kingdom, but they need a student pastor, and it has been obvious that is where God wants us for the next chapter of our ministry. We are very excited about this new opportunity, but it will be very hard to leave you all!

We cannot thank RCC enough for your openness and love to us over the years. You all have put up with me as I learned how to be a better teacher and speaker. Parents, you have entrusted us with your kids, which I am forever grateful. And you will forever be in our hearts! I don’t know all the details of God’s plans, but we say as Joshua did, “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord,” wherever that takes us and to do whatever He asks of us.

Thank you, RCC!

For you that read my blog… Yes, I will definitely be blogging and tweeting about this transition, as I am sure God is going to teach me a lot through it!!

5 thoughts on “Update: We’re Moving to Colorado

  1. We look forward to hearing about your ministry in Colorado! God will bless you and those you minister to when you follow Him. I’m sure it will not be easy to leave after all of the years you have been in New England. Blessings in the Lord.

  2. Wow! We were hoping to have a bit of time with you two. Aw, we will be praying for you two as you transition. We love you both! God’s greatest blessings on you!

    1. Yeah, I know. We were so excited to have you in New Hampshire!! But God has another plan for us for now. Hope to see you before we leave, though!

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