A couple years ago, I posted on here about a new volunteer role I was taking with the National Network of Youth Ministries. I was the co-coordinator for the state of New Hampshire. When I moved, though, it didn’t make sense to continue that role since I wouldn’t live there anymore. After a few conversations, low and behold, I found that Colorado was without a state coordinator. It’s been six months since I arrived, and I now feel like it’s time to start making strides in connecting youth workers here. So, after a couple more conversations with NNYM, I signed on to be the new state coordinator for Colorado.

If you are unfamiliar with NNYM, you need to change that! Their goal is connecting youth workers for the purpose of encouragement, resources, prayer, support, and more. Even if you already meet up with several other youth workers in your area for this purpose, it would be wise of you to connect it to NNYM for their resources, and doing so is free! Their website is simply

My role as state coordinator will evolve over time, but I am excited to get even more connected with all the youth workers here! I’ll be taking my experience from New Hampshire and applying it here, along with learning from other state coordinators. I hope to help start at least one group within driving distance of every youth pastor in the state and then begin to build upon this to create more partnership and support within all the youth/student ministries. This merely extends from the goal of NNYM, but I believe it just makes sense. The average youth pastor will stay at their church about three times longer if they are connected to a network, so I want to do my part to make that happen.

I ask that you pray me in this new position. Pray that I can balance my time between my own church and the state-wide church (and even the global church). Pray that I can help form strong connections that go beyond denominational lines. Pray that I will set an example, through this, that our students want to follow. Pray that example also extends to the rest of our churches, especially to adults, who often have a hard time partnering with other churches. Pray that this will only be the beginning of something great happening in Colorado for God’s glory!

While you’re at it praying for me, know that I am praying the same thing for your ministry! And remember that we truly are better together!


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