Going into The Orange Conference 2018, I knew the theme was about working together. When it came to the workshops, though, I chose them a couple months ago. I picked them by just focusing on where I thought I needed some help.

At this point, the conference is just over halfway complete, and I’ve been sensing an even more specific theme God seems to have for me.

The simplest way to put it is that God is calling me to manage more and to form more layers in our student ministry’s leadership in order to plan for growth. In order for us to really make an impact on the students and families in our community, I cannot do it by myself. I knew this already, but I’ve not put as much effort into building a team as I should.

Connected to that, I realized today that I need to stop thinking I have to have something all figured out before I pass it off to another leader. My tendency is to prepare it and get it as perfect as possible before I find someone to take it. Instead, I feel like I’ve heard God saying through so many of the speakers that I need to overcome my fear of failure and just take the steps I know are necessary for growth. I also need to call out responsibility in others and make bigger asks from our people.

I’m sure I will hear more on this and continue to reflect on it. But seriously, after about two-thirds of The Orange Conference, I’ve got enough to already process and implement!

[Image provided by Garrett Lobaugh]


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