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One of the most exciting things about Orange is its approach to all-church ministry. If you are familiar with their family ministry philosophy, you already know that it is more than just a plan for kids and student ministry. It’s actually something that can transform how your entire church does ministry — to kids, students, parents, grandparents, singles, etc.

Maybe you know how great this philosophy is, but how do you help get them on board? The books and online resources from Orange are great, but some people just need to see and hear about it in person. And many of you know how great the Orange Conference is. Perhaps you have even read some of my blog posts from the conference. But unless you live in the southeastern US, it is expensive to get your team to Atlanta. On top of that, it’s a full three-day event that has a cost attached to it.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to let you know about another option that you may not know about yet — Orange Tour. The team at Orange has started making their way around the United States, offering one-day events in key areas of the country. On top of that, it’s a lot more affordable. This way, you can take more of your staff and team with you to experience an Orange event and learn more about this great approach to ministry.

And if you register on June 7, you’ll save $50 per ticket, which makes it only $69. This makes it even easier to get your entire team to an Orange Tour location!

I’ve been able to attend Orange Tour twice so far, and I’ve loved bringing people with me. Each time, I was able to bring some staff members, like senior, worship, and executive ministry leaders, but I was also able to bring many of our volunteer leaders with us. By doing this, more of our team members were able to hear it for themselves, ask questions of Orange leaders, and network with other leaders from area churches.


Orange Tour Fall 2018 locations:

  • September 7 – Atlanta, GA
  • September 14 – Seattle, SA
  • September 18 – Irvine, CA
  • September 21 – Phoenix, AZ
  • September 25 – Lancaster, PA
  • October 2 – Minneapolis, MN
  • October 5 – Boston, MA
  • October 9 – Detroit, MI
  • October 12 – Indianapolis, IN
  • October 16 – Kansas City, KS
  • October 16 – Nashville, TN
  • October 19 – Chicago, IL
  • October 19 – Jackson, MS
  • October 23 – Austin, TX
  • October 23 – Richmond, VA
  • October 26 – Dallas, TX
  • October 26 – Pittsburgh, PA
  • November 2 – Orlando, FL
  • November 6 – Milledgeville, GA
  • November 9 – Charlotte, NC

If you’d like to learn more about the Orange Tour, just check out their website at http://orangetour.org.

To read more about Orange Tour on my blog, check out my collection of blogs from it.

This week is Orange Blogger Week! Make sure you also check out other blogs from the rest of the Orange bloggers. Click here for a list of their sites that I wrote about before Orange Conference 2018.


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