If you’ve served in student ministry longer than a month, you have probably found yourself in this situation (cue the pitch music):

You need to feed a bunch of teenagers. Pizza! Yes, let’s do pizza! But how many do I order for this group? And where do I order from? Maybe you’re on a trip or maybe you just moved to town, and you have no idea where to order pizza. What do you do!?

Well, I have created a simple tool that might alleviate all future situations like the one above.

The “Pizza Calculator” is a fairly simple iOS Shortcut that calculates the amount of (average size) large pizzas you should order and then, if you want it to do so, searches for local pizza restaurants. And when you choose a place, it even prompts you to call them to place the order.

For a quick demonstration of how the Shortcut works, watch the video below.

As long as you have an iPhone with iOS 12 or higher and have downloaded the Shortcuts app, the Pizza Calculator should run flawlessly on your device. The only thing that might hinder the search portion of the process is if you are without an internet signal. 

Feel free to click the link below to add the Pizza Calculator to your own device. Also, feel free to share this page with others in student ministry or another role that requires them to order pizza for groups of people. 


If you notice any bugs, please leave a comment or contact me via social media (@stevecullum on Twitter).

[Feel free to use this on your own iOS device and share it with others. Just please do not pass it off as your own creation.]

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