The National Youth Workers Convention was filled with so many great things this year, but one thing I was not prepared for was all the connections I would make. Rather, I was not prepared for all the connections the Holy Spirit arranged for me to have. So today, I just wanted to run through some of them and tell you a bit more about why they are so great. The first two are actually the organizations now behind Youth Specialties, who puts on NYWC.

Download Youth Ministry
If you’re looking for games, messages, and other downloadable resources for your ministry, do yourself a favor and check out DYM. Doug, Josh, and the rest of the team are so awesome too! It was great to hang out with them and blog/tweet for them this past week at NYWC.

I’ve been connected with Orange for about 10 years. It all started when I began using their XP3 Students curriculum. They are so much more than that, though. But if you frequently read my blog, you already know that.

National Network of Youth Ministries
If you’re not yet connected with other youth workers in your area, be sure to either find a network through NNYM or start your own. They have many resources to help you, too. I love what they do and I love being a part of it.

Lincoln Christian University
I owe so much to my college and seminary ala mater! Last week, I was able to connect with my youth ministry professor, who is still there, training the next generation of youth pastors. If you’re looking for a Christian College, check out LCU!

Colorado Christian University
One of the more random connections I made while working the DYM booth was with the youth ministry professor. This school is quite close to me in Longmont, so I am really looking forward to seeing where this new connection will lead!

Old and New Friends
NYWC allowed me to meet up with old friends, like one that works for LifeWay and others I’ve had on my podcast. But it also allowed me to meet a ton of new people. From the people I talked to at the DYM booth to the random people I interviewed for my upcoming NYWC-focused podcast episode, I met so many great youth workers and heard awesome stories of what God is doing around the world.

The National Youth Workers Convention has so many positive things about it, but the potential for connecting and networking is incredible. In fact, even though I am an extrovert, who gets energy from being around people, I was still tired at the end of each day due to the overwhelming number of conversations I had. So if you’re looking to meet some great people within the world of youth ministry, make sure you look into going next year!

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