To kick off the Orange Conference 2019, Jon Acuff began with a short introductory message that reminded us of the importance of making it personal.

(The theme of OC19 is IT’S PERSONAL. Click here to learn more about the theme.)

Jon started off with a list of the seven most personal pets:

  1. Puppy
  2. Pig
  3. Bird
  4. Fish
  5. Snake
  6. Turtle (which totally peed on stage, and it was hilarious!)
  7. Cat

He then reminded us that we’re all here because someone made it personal for us. You’re here because someone made it personal for you.

Jon talks to businesses quite a bit, and he’s realized that businesses that don’t make it personal don’t get to be businesses for very long.

When you make it personal, you make it 3D. It’s easy to hate an idea; it’s harder to hate a real person. If your hustle costs you people, your hustle is too expensive. People are the reason we get to do this. When you ask someone what they mean, they become visible and valuable.

Jon then ended with a final thought: Do you want to change the world? Change one person’s life.

Photo credit: Provided by ©Taylor Zorzi / Zorzi Creative and The Orange Conference

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