Thursday morning at the Orange Conference 2019 started out with Reggie Joiner interviewing Kristen Ivy, Mike Foster, Nona Jones, and Tedashii around one of the questions Reggie spoke about last night. Here are a few thoughts from their conversation:

As children, we’re often taught what to talk about and what not to talk about. We need to remind people of their possibilities. Our past doesn’t define us, but it is a part of our story that we can leverage on behalf of others to benefit them. We need to see the potential in others.

While everyone wants to belong, they often think that when people really see them, it will negatively change how they see them.

When we are hearing from others, we should never hijack that moment to tell our own story. Our story should only be used in moderation and only to open a door for someone to share theirs. Our body language and how we ask questions are so much more important than telling all the details of our own story. 

The church is meant to be the place where pain gets turned into God’s purpose. 

We are all first-responders in a way, and even if we don’t feel like we’re fully equipped, we need to do what we can. And others are looking on, waiting to see if they can also come to you and the church with their pain.

God is good even when life isn’t. People need to know this.

Photo credit: Provided by ©Taylor Zorzi / Zorzi Creative and The Orange Conference

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