On Friday of the Orange Conference 2019, we had the privilege of hearing Danielle Strickland speak about the importance of hearing the voices of those who are often not heard. Here are my notes from what she said:

Danielle started out her talk with a Children’s Church song… “My God is so big, so strong, and so mighty. There’s nothing my God cannot do.”

Yes, He is, but His “bigness” was a problem for Him. How can we relate?

We also have big issues too that are overwhelming like gender equality, human trafficking, and racial reconciliation.

But then there’s something that begins to shift. There’s a divine strategy called personal.

Her friend Annie: “What will you do with the King of Israel? Kiss the Son.”

What did God do with his bigness? He sent His Son.

God has a name. Love has a name. God has proximity through His Son.

So, we need to take a cue. When things become too big for us, it needs to get smaller and named.

Example from Philemon: When sending him back, he said, “He is no longer a slave to you. He is a brother, because of Jesus.”

Relationship changes everything!

Through connection, proximity, and names, the Gospel changes everything.

Sometimes, you need to know their names.

Mountain of Transfiguration: Moses and Elijah disappear and there is only Jesus. God says to the disciples, “Follow Him.” Then Jesus goes down from the mountain, and He shows them how to live. The first thing He does is encounters a father who has a six boy, and Jesus says to bring the boy to Him. The disciples are confused why they couldn’t help. Jesus then says to them if they have faith the size of a mustard seed, they can tell a mountain to move, and it will move. 

You want to move something big, do something small.

  • You want to dismantle slavery, be a brother.
  • You want to stop human trafficking, befriend a young girl.
  • You want to stop sex trade, stop your addiction to porn.

It’s all about “Mustard Seed Faith.”

We want to stay on the mountain and glow, but Jesus is asking us to walk down off the mountain and be with the people.

Sometimes, they need to know their names.

This is God’s work all throughout Scripture. 

Many people in our church and community feel like their names are Unwanted, Abandoned, Worthless, etc. They need us to tell them their name.

We are often overwhelmed with the bigness of our problems and the world’s problems. But stop trying to move and mountain and start using a mustard seed. Gain proximity and kiss the Son.


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