A few years ago, I attended my first Orange Conference. A bit before that we started using their curriculum, but this was my first foray into all things Orange. I immediately fell in love with the concept and overall strategy. The children’s director and I came back and began implementing it in our church.

The only problem was that the vast majority of our volunteer team had not experienced what we had. They knew we had a vision of what our ministry could be, but they had not heard the same things we had heard at the conference.

Having them read the Orange books helps, but one thing proved to be even more helpful for many of our team — Orange Tour.

While you probably would love to have your entire team with you at the conference, most of us cannot afford that or arrange that. That’s where the Orange Tour comes into play. I was so excited when they came to the Boston area several years ago, as I got to bring almost my entire team with me. And when I moved to Colorado, I was able to do the same thing for many on my team here.

There was one particular guy on my team who actually thought the Orange strategy made sense, he was not a huge fan of some parts of it. After attending the Orange Tour and hearing from Reggie Joiner and many others for himself, he became one of the biggest fans of Orange. Now, we all know it’s not about creating fans of Orange, what I could tell was that he really got it after hearing it in person at the Tour.

Here is the list of cities they are traveling to in 2019:

  • Sept. 6: Milledgeville, GA
  • Sept. 13: Seattle, WA
  • Sept. 17: Irvine, CA
  • Sept. 20: Phoenix, AZ
  • Sept. 27: Indianapolis, IN
  • Oct. 2: Boston, MA
  • Oct. 4: Lancaster, PA
  • Oct. 8: Detroit, MI
  • Oct. 11: Chicago, IL
  • Oct. 18: Kansas City, KS
  • Oct. 22: Austin, TX
  • Oct. 25: Dallas, TX
  • Oct. 29: Charlotte, NC
  • Nov. 5: Atlanta, GA
  • Nov. 8: Orlando, FL

If you’re interested in bringing your team to Orange Tour, I’ve got great news. You can save $50 off the regular price if you register on June 13, 2019. This one-day only discount drops a ticket down to only $79 per person.

On top of that, you can also bring your small group leaders to Lead Small Night and the parents of your kids/students to Parent Cue Live, extra sessions just for them.

June 10-14 is Orange Blogger Week, so be sure to check out what everyone on our team is writing about. Just click the image below to see the entire list of bloggers and links to their blogs.

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