On Saturday afternoon of NYWC 2019, Larry Acosta from City to City Los Angeles led a breakout all about leading beyond fumes.

He identified this existing problem: For many Christian leaders, it feels as though “ministry matters most.” The truth is that JESUS is the Messiah and we are NOT. 

So what do we do? Larry walked us through six steps to getting in a better place to lead well and focus on the right things.

1. Get focused on what matters most

  • Your personal faith / spiritual vitality
  • Healthy marriage or healthy singleness
  • Your family
  • Your personal health

What is one thing you could do that could be more life-giving and grace-filled for each of the above items?

Don’t let too many “good” things choke out the BEST things for you in life! These areas will shape your Life Priorities.

We’ve never been so “connected” as we are today, so why do we feel so disconnected? We have to work on getting connected with God and others.

What are three areas that you need to drop or delegate in order to live out these God-honoring priorities?

2. Get perspective

Use this process to help you sort and clarify the overwhelming feelings and thoughts you may have, and help to map out a game plan for moving forward:

  • What’s right in your life?
  • What’s wrong in your life?
  • What’s confused in your life?
  • What’s missing in your life?

(Adapted from The Life You Were Meant to Live by Tom Paterson)

Then try to address one thing at a time that is wrong, confused, or missing.

3. Get scared-straight …by the potential “pitfalls” to leading strong and finishing well.

  • Finances: their use and abuse
  • The abuse of power
  • Pride
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Unhealthy family relationships
  • Plateauing: leader who stops reading, learning, and growing

Which of these pitfalls might the enemy use at this time to take you out? Begin to put processes in place to avoid/prevent it from taking you out.

4. Be real with your drivers

  • Our drivers are negative emotions that often propel us to lead in unhealthy ways. 
  • Our drivers define how we try to compensate for our insecurities. 

These are some of the biggest reasons for burnout in ministry if we don’t know how to combat them. Overcoming them might include counseling.

What are your primary drivers/insecurities and how they affect you personally, your leadership, and make it challenging to live a balanced life?

5. Get refueled constantly!

  • For you to be healthier and stronger, identify life-giving activities that refuel you. 
  • Far too many leaders are so busy meeting other people’s needs that few of us know what actually refuels your own souls.

What are some life-giving activities that you can do?

Who are the life-giving friends who refuel you?

The enemy’s strategy is to keep you isolated and busy meeting everyone else’s needs.

Make sure you get at least 3-5 hours of face time with life-giving friends each month.

6. Lead strong: focus on the right priorities for a healthy youth ministry.

  • Leading with and through others (Youth ministry is youth doing ministry)
  • Consistent service and missions opportunities 
  • God-Connection: Holy Spirit, worship, Word, prayer
  • Relational youth ministry: Get them to feel like this is “My family” and “I Belong”
  • Strong campus presence
  • Discipleship/Mentoring – Matt. 28:19-20; 2 Tim. 2:2

UYWI Discipleship Toolkit at http://dkit.uywi.org


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