Earlier this week, I shared with the rest of our church staff something that has been on my heart/mind for the past couple weeks as I’ve talked with a lot of other ministry leaders. If you don’t mind, I’d like to briefly share it with you all too.

Right now, with most of us are on stay-at-home orders from the Covid-19 pandemic, it is easier than ever to get sucked into busyness. You probably feel it and have even acknowledged it many times. Our work, leisure, and personal connections are almost all online. It has become increasingly difficult to disconnect. The line is getting more and more blurry. For some of us, it also involves constant comparison to other churches and ministry leaders, thinking we need to do it all. I think many of us feel like we are working all the time, even more than before this quarantine.

Here is my encouragement to you: We need to pace ourselves and create (and stick to) appropriate boundaries. Most of us know what we should do, but it’s hard to stick to it. For the sake of the Kingdom, though, let’s take care of ourselves now and moving forward.

Below is a simple but great YouTube video from a friend of mine named Tom Shefchunas (leader with both Orange and Youth Specialties) on organizing your weekly calendar. It is directed to youth workers, but I think it is applicable to everyone.

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