When Tedashii was interviewed by Reggie Joiner at Youth Ministry Exchange 2020, it was hard to take notes. I was just sucked into everything he said. So instead of full-on notes, I have a collection of quotes from Tedashii:

  • “In the moment of salvation, I experienced something that I’d never felt before, & it was peace. There was this belief in that moment of experiencing that peace that this would be what would mark me moving forward, that peace that leads to hope.”
  • “It’s one thing to believe God is real, it’s another thing to live for Him.”
  • “Biblical community – being around other people who believe the same thing as you believe, and want it for you as much as you need it.” 
  • “You have to be willing to be honest with yourself, brutally honest with yourself before a God who already knows you.” 
  • “If you can go before your Heavenly father, honestly, about what you feel. I believe God meets you where you are.” 
  • “I want you to believe the truth of who God says you are and walk in that truth, even when life tells you to do otherwise, because He is the one in control fully.” 
  • “I’m here to play because tomorrow can be better than today.”

Reggie also had this mic-drop statement near the end of the interview: “The essence of the gospel isn’t that Jesus simply came to die for our sin. It’s that he came to feel what we feel so we can know he feels what we felt.”

Which quote stands out the most to you as you try to make tomorrow better than today?

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