Gerald Fadayomi brought a message at Youth Ministry Exchange that focused on Matthew 5:13-14, where Jesus calls us the salt of the earth. It’s a passage many of us have probably taught many times to teenagers and kids, but Gerald brought some amazing truths that I had not really considered before.

Here are my notes from his talk:

  • Salt makes everything better.
  • Jesus called His followers the salt of the earth in Matthew 5:13-14. Every room that we walk into, we have the opportunity to make better.
    • Salt creates thirst.
      • Jesus called both us and Himself light. We are unique as salt. 
      • Jesus called Himself the Living Water. We should lead people to that Living Water.
      • Early church in Acts 2: People wanted in on their lifestyle of loving God and serving others.
    • Salt leaves an impact. 
      • Oftentimes, that impact is unseen and doesn’t get the credit it deserves, but it’s still making a difference.
      • Even if no one else sees your impact, your Heavenly Father sees. You are still making a difference.
    • Salt is valuable.
      • In the early first century, salt was a hot commodity.
      • You are more valuable than you think or you know. Not just to your ministry, church, etc., you are valuable to God!
  • We’re here to play, and as we continue to play (and be salt), we invite others to play as well.

How are you working on being the salt of the earth? How are you creating thirst that points others to the Living Water? How are you making an impact even without credit? How are you reminding yourself of your value to God?

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