Below is an excerpt of an article I wrote for LoveThyNerd. Click the link at the bottom to read the entire piece.

SPOILER WARNING: This post contains spoilers for The Mandalorian. Do not read if you have not seen this episode and do not want it to be spoiled for you!

The Razor Crest was severely damaged from crash landing in the ice canyon on Maldo Kreis, and the repairs from Mon Calamari were not adequate. It needed some serious mechanics, especially if Din Djarin and The Child were going to make it to Corvus and find Ahsoka Tano. So they headed off to Nevarro and reunited with old friends Greef Karga and Cara Dune.

The last time Djarin was on Nevarro, he was attacked by Imperial troops trying to take The Child. Upon his arrival this time, however, the atmosphere is quite different. With Dune as the marshal and Karga as the magistrate, there is an overall sense of peace. Businesses are doing well, and there is even a school where droids teach the local children. 

Karga informs Djarin of an old Imperial base that was still barely operational. They head out to destroy the base, which would be the final step of bringing complete peace to the planet. Everywhere you look, there are signs of restoration in The Mandalorian, and yet it shows us that darkness always lingers.


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