Every once in a while, I get an opportunity to be a guest on other podcasts. Here are some of the recent ones from over the past few months. I share them in case you want to listen, but more importantly, I share them to recommend you subscribe to them.

Nick Blevins’ Family Ministry Podcast


In this episode, I got to share my experience with growing a student ministry in the midst of the pandemic and gave a few practical steps to prepare for this type of growth yourself. I also took some time to break down some of the changes we experimented with to enhance our programs.


YM Sidekick Podcast

Recruiting and training volunteers has always been a challenging proposition for ministry leaders. Throw in a pandemic and it can become even more challenging. So how can you recruit and train volunteers during Covid? In this podcast, I chat with Tom Pounder about this topic and offer up some ways that have worked for us.


Youth Ministry Maverick Podcast

Whether you find yourself with a new class of students, at a new church, or in a new city, awareness and sociocultural context are key elements to having adaptable and sustainable ministry. I joined Jeff Harding on Youth Ministry Maverick to talk about the varying ministry contexts and geographic locations where I have served, and why it’s important to get ahead regarding preparation for the benefit of our students.


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