The NFL’s “big game” is right around the corner, which can be a great chance for you to host a party for your church or youth group. And while it can be really fun to get together with a bunch of Christians, events like this could be great opportunities to invite non-churched friends!

But what do we do? How can we make the event enjoyable and worth attending?

Here are 20 fun activities that you could include in your next church Super Bowl party, including several ideas that could take place during halftime (a typically questionable time of the night for Christians):

  1. Viewing area: It’s definitely important to sure you have a good place for guests to watch the game, with plenty of seating and a big enough screen (best bet is to use your projector or big-screen TVs). You could also have some comfortable chairs to relax in during the game.
  2. Trivia: Before the game and in between quarters, test your guests’ knowledge of football and Super Bowl history with a trivia game. You could have prizes for the winners.
  3. Tailgate-style food spread: Have a variety of game day snacks and treats like wings, dips, chips, and sandwiches for guests to enjoy.
  4. Halftime show: During halftime, you could have a fun talent show or lip sync battle for guests to participate in.
  5. Football-themed games: Set up some lawn games like cornhole or ladder toss for guests to play. You could also have a football toss or other football-themed activities.
  6. Halftime prayer time: Take a few minutes during halftime to pray for the players, coaches, and officials in the game. You could also have a time of prayer for any other needs or concerns that come up during the party.
  7. Halftime worship service: You could also use the halftime break as an opportunity to have a short worship service or devotional time. This could be a meaningful way to honor God and lift up the party in prayer.
  8. Halftime drawing or raffle: You could have a drawing or raffle during halftime where guests can win prizes. This could be a fun way to add an element of excitement to the party.
  9. Photo booth: Have a designated area with props and backdrops where guests can take fun Super Bowl-themed photos. You could also have a hashtag for the party and encourage guests to share their photos on social media.
  10. Video games: You could have one or two video game systems setup for attendees to play Madden or other games. Maybe you could also have one simulate the Super Bowl game to see if it gets close to the final result of the real game.
  11. Board/Card Games: You could set up some board games and card games for guests to play during throughout the night or at halftime. This could be a great way for people to relax and have some fun.
  12. Craft station: You could have a craft station set up where guests can make their own Super Bowl-themed crafts. This could be a great activity for kids and families.
  13. Movie-clip marathon: You could have a marathon of clips from football-themed movies playing during halftime for guests to watch. This could be a fun way for people to relax and watch some of their favorite movie moments.
  14. Halftime sports talk: You could have a panel of sports experts or fans leading a discussion about the game during halftime. This could be a great opportunity for people to share their thoughts and insights about the game, acting as if they were the TV analysts.
  15. Karaoke party: You could have a karaoke party between quarters or during halftime where guests can sing their favorite songs. This could be a fun way to get people dancing and singing along.
  16. Timed snack bar: You could have a snack bar set up with a variety of sweet and savory treats that only opens at certain parts of the game (at halftime, after a team scores, etc). This could keep more people engaged throughout the evening, even if they don’t like football.
  17. Exercise session: Rather than being a couch potato, you could have an exercise instructor lead a session for guests to participate in to stretch out and get the blood flowing at halftime.
  18. Painting station: You could have a painting station set up where guests can create their own Super Bowl-themed art. This could be a great way for people to get creative and have some fun, and you could even vote on a winning piece.
  19. Dance party: You could have a dance party during halftime where guests can let loose and have some fun. You could have a DJ or a playlist of upbeat songs to get everyone moving.
  20. Variety game show: You could have a game show set up during halftime where guests can compete in fun football-themed challenges. This could be a great way to add some excitement and competition to the party.

If you use one or more of these suggestions, please let us know how it goes! And if you do something we didn’t list, please let us know about that too!

Important to remember: While the laws were tight for a while, things have gotten more relaxed over the last few years. However, it is really important to still consult people who are actually trained in this area of law (not me) like Christian Copyright Solutions, who, in 2022, said the four important rules are that you must show it in your church’s regular space using regular equipment (no renting), you cannot charge admission, you must show the game live, and you cannot use NFL or team logos in your promotion.

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