I began serving in kids and student ministry in 1999 as a volunteer. In 2003, I was blessed with a part-time role, and I’ve been serving students, families, and other youth workers ever since. In 2015, though, I began thinking about all the conversations I’ve had over the years with my fellow youth workers, mentors, authors, and speakers. And I began to wonder if others might want to listen in on some of these conversations in a podcast format. So after a year of praying, brainstorming, and gathering equipment, God gave me the opportunity to launch The Student Ministry Podcast in February 2016, which in August 2022, I rebranded to Student Ministry Connection. And here we are 7 years later celebrating our 100th episode! 

While this is a labor of love for me, I seriously could not do it without 2 other very important groups of people: 

  1. First, I want to thank you all for listening, for your encouragement, for suggesting guests, and for sharing it with other youth workers! I really wasn’t sure if I’d even get 10 downloads when I first started this, but you have proven that wrong time and time again. So thank you!!
  2. Second, I want to thank our sponsors. Over the 7 year history, we’ve had some great sponsors like workcampNE, Reach Youth New England, MinHub, and GShades. And we’ve had many other partners that have allowed us access to conferences and other events. The fact that you all believe in this and want to support it is huge!

On this very special 100th episode, I talked with Kevin Miles, a veteran youth worker about the importance of networking; celebrated by announcing a bunch of prizes, and announced some ways you can support the podcast moving forward! 

Feel free to listen to the podcast right here or on your favorite podcast app (links below).

NOTE: If you’ve been looking for regular posts about the podcast, I stopped posting them on my blog at episode 85. You can, instead, find them on the Student Ministry Connection website – http://studentministryconnection.com


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