This week, I headed back to college… but not to take classes. I had the privilege of speaking to two youth ministry classes at Colorado Christian University. I was asked to speak about the importance of networking within youth ministry and also share more about National Network of Youth Ministries.

I had a great time sharing about the ways I’ve benefited from being in networks–times when I have been able to help others, but also times when I have received encouragement, care, prayer, resources, and more. Along with the youth ministry professor, our goal is to help the next generation of youth workers know how important it is to not do ministry alone.

I was able to make some strong connections with a handful of students who are soon going to be stepping into their first ministry, too, which was really exciting. One of them is heading to Nebraska, and one is heading to New York, and I love that I know people in both of those areas that I can connect them with in order for them to start off already networked.

I was also inspired by them. I felt similarly to when I had to opportunity to help at DYM’s First Few Years in Youth Ministry conference last fall. I’m so excited for this next group of youth workers, but I also feel for them. They are so green and naïve, but that’s not all bad. Their passion for ministry overpowers the unfortunate realities that sometimes happen in ministry. And I hope and pray that never ever fades. May they always be so thrilled to partner with God to make an impact on students and families!

In fact, I’d like to ask you to take a moment and pray for this next generation of youth workers. We need them so much. There are so many teenagers who are going through life, struggling in many ways, and do not know Christ. We need strong youth workers who can help lead them to Jesus and empower them to do the same for their peers. But if we’re not setting them up well, encouraging them in the right ways, equipping them with the training they need, and getting them connected with others, they are most likely going to struggle. So please join me in praying for them and the existing youth workers who are serving teens and families. May God continue to use them in amazing ways!

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