Reggie Joiner started his main session talk at Orange Conference 2023 honoring the volunteer leaders in the room. And then he pointed to the time when Jesus said that when we welcome the little ones, we welcome Jesus. In fact, we need to lean into that even more moving forward.

Why did Jesus say this, though? Reggie suggests that it’s because we often get distracted on what really matters most. And there are so many distractions.

He then pointed out that Orange Conference is a unique gathering who gets to focus on 2 things:

  • The next generation
  • Jesus

Reggie then said that he made a decision. He could either help the next generation be certain they are right about everything they believe or he could help them be focused on Jesus. The former option will exhaust us, but the latter will energize us.

He ended by suggesting that we should decide together that Jesus is what we need to focus on moving forward, rather than all the things we disagree upon.

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