Keturah Boston, Kristen Ivy, and Reggie Joiner joined in an Orange Conference 2023 discussion all about partnering with parents. Here are some of the highlights.

  • There’s a way families should feel when they walk in the room, especially when you take into account of the things they have been through before they got there.
  • Parents want to know people will love your kids, even on their worst days.
  • Sometimes, we take it personally when kids don’t show up to our program because they went to a game or something. But it’s very important for parents to show up in the lives of their kids, so we shouldn’t shame them for doing that as a family. When we become suspicious if parents, they will become suspicious of us.
  • We have an opportunity to lean in and support a relationship that will far outlast our relationship with those kids. It’s all about partnering and making it personal for those parents. We’re just one of the places where kids and families can find Jesus. But it also must be in their homes, and we have the opportunity to support that.

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